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 Get rid of Drawfix!

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Get rid of Drawfix! Empty
PostSubject: Get rid of Drawfix!   Get rid of Drawfix! Icon_minitimeTue Oct 02, 2018 10:36 am

Drawfix was written by Plotinus's friend.  Most anti--virus programs flag it as a virus.  It was written as a fix for some problem, but he used a script that was used by hackers..  The end result is, we lost a lot of players who did not want to chance a virus

Plot admitted it would be easy for him to re write this with code, but he taunted club members  by refusing to fix it.  Why?

I believe it is a hack, to allow some players to get better dice or for sume players to get lousy dice.  When Plotinus wrote his first dice cheat, he admitted to me it was for revenge on club leadership and to destroy the club..   His plan did not work People played the game on the msn gaming zone,  They just played friends or people they trustedHe was universally disliked.

He rehabilitated his reputation by writing bug fixes, anti dice cheat fixes, and adding features to the game.  He also used a MSN gaming zone software he discover to make the Warzone, a place to play when the MSN gaming zone shut down the Axis and Allies server.

Plotinus eventually once again grew angry with club leadership and members.  Instead of making a new dice cheat, (that would fail like the first one) he used new tactics. The dice program gave Players bad dice or good dice to ruin the game. They were unwitting victims because they were not using a dice cheat but could not play without getting unfair dice.

My experience with drawfix is with some players I get good dice constantly and others I get poor dice constantly. 

I think if we get rid of drawfix this will help the problem.    I noticed if one player has drawfix and the opponent does not, the only major bug occurs when one player attempts to retreat a sub from battle, the game bugs up by leaving one player stuck in the battle screen with no opponent.   The fix for this is for the player that was able to get out of the battle screen to save the game and relaunch with his save.

We do not need drawfix to play the game!!
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Get rid of Drawfix!
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