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 Cryptomining at Game Ranger?

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Cryptomining at Game Ranger? Empty
PostSubject: Cryptomining at Game Ranger?   Cryptomining at Game Ranger? Icon_minitimeFri Dec 08, 2017 9:28 am

I noticed a change at GameRanger.   What was new, was a pop up hidden behind my browser window.   I always close it.
(this has stopped at this time)  

Everytime you log into GR, you must agree to their conditions all over again.

When you leave Game Ranger and close all the windows, like:
friends list, room lists and also the game room, it looks like you have logged out.  not true.  If you bring up your task manager and click on the processes window, you will notice that GameRanger.exe  is still running.   Highlight it and click on "end Task".

My windows defender flagged GR as a security risk.  I wondered about all this.  Is GR cryptomining?  What is it doing?


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Cryptomining at Game Ranger?
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