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 AAWC goes Dark

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PostSubject: AAWC goes Dark   Sat Mar 22, 2014 7:36 am

I checked and the domain names for the club have expired.   Madman or his proxy can pay the fees and the site will be visible again.   I am pretty sure this will be done within a day or so.   Although it went down for about a week before when Hiro also forgot to pay the renewal.

If you wish to keep track of your games for re-posting later at AAWC, use the Player's Club.   Its very easy, no signup or log in  needed.

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Posts : 110
Join date : 2010-08-11

PostSubject: Message from Hiro   Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:56 pm

AAPlayersClub> good to see you
AAPlayersClub> hopefully good news
hirohito_0> hi...been around off and on
hirohito_0> should be back up today
AAPlayersClub> great
hirohito_0> Madman had to call to get the domain names to point to the hosting company...and he was in the hospital for a week, wasn't answering phone.
hirohito_0> he just got home today
AAPlayersClub> have back up  for reposting.   worked great
AAPlayersClub> http://www.aaplayersclub.com/
AAPlayersClub> aaboss was telling everyone hasbro took it over.   lol he got excited and did a search of the aawc.com site
hirohito_0> lol
hirohito_0> it's all good...should be hooked up shortly
AAPlayersClub> great
AAPlayersClub> thanks
hirohito_0> np
AAPlayersClub> we should start a league soon to get more activity
AAPlayersClub> one vs one
hirohito_0> I'll mention that on the cab boards once we have them, lol
hirohito_0> anyway, this crap should end todya.
hirohito_0> today
hirohito_0> really hoping so, anyway.
hirohito_0> tbh, I'm much much more worried about Madman as a friend than anything else
hirohito_0> you work with a guy that many years, so many hundreds if not thousands of hours on the phone etc...you get pretty tight.
AAPlayersClub> true
hirohito_0> anyway...gotta run
hirohito_0> ttyl
AAPlayersClub> later
> hirohito_0 has left.
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AAWC goes Dark
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