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 AAWC vs Templar Templar wins!

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AAWC vs Templar     Templar wins! Empty
PostSubject: AAWC vs Templar Templar wins!   AAWC vs Templar     Templar wins! Icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2012 12:05 pm

Oct 16 (2 days ago)

to beep440
AAWC vs Templar
DATE 10-15-2012

Greetings , the office of Advocate General would like to  press charges on Templar for the following rules infractions:

2.010. AAWC exists to provide friendly medium for people to come together and compete honorably at Axis and Allies, with
sportsmanship and respect for each other. To keep AAWC a fun club for everyone, we ask that you show consideration for your
fellow members while engaging in any public A&A activities and follow these simple rules. The purpose (and enforcement
thereof) of this Code of Conduct is to give AAWC a legitimate recourse to address habitual offenders who refuse to show any
respect for other members on a regular basis. It is meant to deal with people who are excessively, continually, harassing
other members. It is not meant for the little flare ups, or stray comments, that will almost certainly occur. Frivolous
complaints of this nature will be dealt with as such.

2.020. Conduct Generally. All members of AAWC will be expected to treat other members(new and long time), and non-members
with respect and courtesy. All members shall comply with all of the rules of any gaming forums where matches may be played.
No member shall use foul, derogatory, or abusive language while present on WarZone or other gaming forums, or when
communicating with another member of AAWC.

2.030. Slander of any AAWC member and their reputation is strictly prohibited. This includes false accusations of
dishonorable behavior, false accusations of unsportsmanlike conduct, and false accusations of cheating. Cheating accusations
are the worst form of slander we have in this community and cannot be tolerated.

2.060. Be considerate at all times of members playing games on WarZone and do not participate in obtrusive behavior that
prevents or obstructs others from participating in or finding a game.

Quoting Templars Numerous Posts

Post # 1 shows a clear disresepect to a club official and slanderous statements trying to smear Madman's reputation.
"This is just spin control.
The truth is, Madman tried to sell the club, and got caught.
Atlantisch_Mauer has paypal receipts showing him paying madman for AAWC. The $1000 AM sent was refunded when Madman was

pressed by plot and Hiro.
I hope, in this case, the change from Madman's leadership, will be good for the club.
What can't be good is possible wire fraud, for attempting to sell something that is not his or possible lawsuit for threats

and interfering with the sale.(if it was legal to sell.)
Madman previously stated twice in the message board that this is a private club!! Nobody said a word then.
Now I would like to ask the "owner of aawc", is this a private club or is it owned by the members? AAWC has danced around

this question since patton took down the club.
See ya madman, don't let the door hit you on the way out".

Post #2 shows a clear disresepect to a club official and slanderous statements trying to smear Madman's reputation.
"If you go to that link, you well see three things:
1. Madman caught in a lie, claiming he moved a thread. In truth, it was lion who did it. I was a moderator of my team thread
and that gave me access to the moderators control panel. There it was logged that lion had moved that thread. Why lie?
2. Madman stating again that this is a private club.
3. Members of this club are privileged to be here, and its not a "right" to be a member of this gaming forum. This sure
sounds like the membership does not have any ownership rights.
What you do not see in that thread is anyone complaining or questioning about what madman stated. Everyone seems fine with that, accepted that.
Who is the owner then, of AAWC. The good old boys? Some sort of secret charter? It has been sold before for $100. That means its a asset. It can be sold. How can we believe madman when he changes his story is the same thread? Its a joke?
Its a search for a responsible owner?Its one thing to lie on these threads, but as madman stated "yes, you can go to jail for running your mouth". There are phone records of who called first, and how many times you talked with AM.
I have no idea how he got your paypal account number. Is it published somewhere? I do not think so.
I think the membership deserve some answers. It might be time to make a charter for the club and make it "member owned".
This would also relieve the current coup leaders of legal responsibly".

Post #3 Clearly lying and slanderous statements
"True. You and plot slandered me. I was red99wardog serving in the cabinet, head admin of the WZ and hosting part of the
programming for the WZ on my computer. I never asked for special privileges.
I did resign. I refuse in enable bullys.
The existence of this thread is a sad piece of leadership".

Post #4 More lies and slander
"Madman has lied in the past and continues. He is the reason I left the AAWC Cab, because of his lies and slander.
His attempt to profit from AAWC failed.
The first image is madman claiming he moved a post. Huge error on his part. I was the moderator of a team thread, so I could
see all the actions taken on the message board. I took a screen shot. Why? Madman has slandered and lied about me to others in the past.
In self defence, I take screen shots.
In the "AAWC for Sale" thread, he challenged me to prove it again.
The second image is of the moderators control panel, showing who really moved the thread.
Why lie? Well, basically he wanted to continue to destroy my reputation by labeling me as a false poster. He only hung himself.
The third image is from the AAWC for Sale thread. It has been hidden also. Madman tried to sell it to AM, but was caught.
The thread, was hidden because his lies were pretty apparent and his attitude toward club members. He first claimed it was a
"joke" then changed it to, "he was looking for someone to run the club". He is a bully and lies".

Post #1 & 2  http://www.axisandalliesworldclub.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=9242
Post #3      http://www.axisandalliesworldclub.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=9243
Post #4      http://aaplayers.forumotion.com/t48-aawc-for-sale

Templar has clearly violated numerous AAWC rules. It is very clear he has disrespected, lied about and conspired against a
club official. This type of behavior is not tolerated in AAWC and harsh penalties should follow.

In his first post Templar tries to decieve the membership in believing his conspiracy theories. You can't accuse someone and
condemn them without proof and clearly he has done that. It is very damaging to someones character to lie about them but
then to try and get the rest of the membership to believe his conspiracy brings this to a whole new level. He has made
statements like "The truth is, Madman tried to sell the club, and got caught" and there is no truth in that statement. He
also says "The $1000 AM sent was refunded when Madman was pressed by plot and Hiro" This is another complete lie and is
decieving the membership with these slanderous statements.

Post #2 outlines more deception and slander. Templar is confused about what actually took place in this event and instead of
trying to understand he lies about what has happened and even worse yet he is decieving the membership with his post.
LionofIreland was trying to move an entire topic and because he didn't know how I stepped in to help him out. LionofIreland
was only able to move one post on the topic instead of moving the entire topic. He asked for my assistance and I was able to
help him by moving the entire topic into the moderator forum. Templar in an attempt to slander Madman makes a post to the
general membership telling them that he caught Madman in a lie. What he saw in the moderator log clearly shows that

LionofIreland "SPLIT TOPIC" which is not moving the entire topic but it was removing only one post from it which was not his
intent. The term "Split topic" means that you removed one or more posts from a specific topic. The term "moved topic" is
what is used when you move and entire topic. Templar is trying to get the membership to believe that he caught Madman in a
lie and that is potentially damaging to Madman's character and reputation.

In his 3rd post Templar accuses Madman and _Plotinus of slander (again without proof). He also outlines to the membership
that "The existence of this thread is a sad piece of leadership" implying that madman is a "Sad" piece of leadeship. Again
trying to taint Madman's character and reputation.

Post # 4 Shows that Templar reinforces his conspiracy about the post moving topic.

In Closing: Templar's persistance to ruin a club officials reputation is a despicable act and is a violation of numerous AAWC policies and rules.
He blatently disregards the rules and clearly shows he has no respect for AAWC's club government. He feels that his role in the Arena and Squadron league makes him "untouchable" and his actions to date reinforces his agenda.

The Attorney General requests a 1 year suspension and a 5 year probation for Templar's actions.

Templar, You have 3 days to respond. You may choose any  member of the cabinet as defense counsel. We at AAWC realize 3 days may not be enough to mount a defence so an extension may be requested through the Chief Justice.


Advocate General
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AAWC vs Templar Templar wins!
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