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PostSubject: Technology   Technology Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2011 7:53 am

More from RobertBrink

Because of the heated discussion on tech, my GOA corner is on how to use it
effectively. Forgive its length.

The 84 IPC Axis victory puts a real crimp on the usefulness of tech. However, getting
those 84 isn’t easy. When it becomes clear that the Axis is heading for an IPC victory
begin to go for tech with USA. UK won’t have the necessary IPC’s to make use of
tech even if they get it. Exception: The UK is staging an attack on Germany and a
heavy bomber or long range fighters might make the difference. Continue to
reinforce Karelia and, when you can spare it, Africa. For tech to work you must
remain in contention for half of Africa. HB’s are meaningless if Axis will hit the 84
mark. Also, since the USA won’t have enough troops to fill all 5 or 6 trans, send one
to Western Panama to threaten New Zealand and Hawaii. Perhaps even send one to
the Brazil to eventually move to S. Africa and Madagascar. These three to 4 extra
IPC’s will prevent the Axis victory.
In the game I won to become GOA, Axis had between 81 and 83 IPC’s for three
rounds in a row. Those few extra IPC’s decided the game by allowing me to stay in
it. You can still get men to Russia even if forced to withdraw from Karelia. By placing
men in Finland, you can attack Karelia and retreat into Russia. (Assuming you
already had men present in Russia.) Some will die in the process. However, Germany
must defend W. Europe, Karelia, and Germany so they will be thin somewhere. In
addition, the threat of an attack from UK/USA dual attack on Germany forces them
to hold troops back. (Especially since they know the USA attack may have heavy
bombers supporting it.)

Assuming you have been buying almost entirely infantry with the Allies, you will have
a potent offensive force if HB’s come up. Either take back Karelia or hit Germany
proper. You may need to load up W. Europe with infantry first. In which case,
Germany will withdraw from Karelia. You can then begin to assist Russia directly
again. This is an important point. Early in the game, always send a few UK and USA
troops to Russia to assist in trading the provinces around Russia. They have the AF
to do it.- Russia doesn’t. In addition, if Karelia falls, you’ll need a few present so you
can attack Karelia to filter inf. into Moscow.
Don’t waste Russian for Japanese troops unless some key objective is achieved.
Since USA goes last it is important they have men in Russia in to hold off the IPC
victory. In addition, they go after Japan and before Russia. Preventing the IPC defeat
and creating income for Russia. The objective is to stall. One or two extra IPCs taken
at the expense of Russia troops won’t save Russia but allied intervention with HB’s or
industrial tech might. Save the men.

This is a key mistake many people make: They get HB’s then only buy HB’s. Just a
few infantry combined with heavy bombers is a huge threat. If you have 6 bombers
but no men, all you can do is take German or possibly Japanese IPC’s. (Many
Japanese players don’t build ICs). The 84 IPC victory will still take place even though
Germany has no Income. UK doesn’t have the strength to take Germany
immediately and Russia can’t spare the troops with Japan on it’s back.
There is a reason why standard rules don’t have an allied IPC victory. Tech was
intended to help balance things out for the Axis. It does. Good Japanese players
don’t buy ICs until very late in the game because of this. Transports and infantry are
the key. Japan will take Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, most of Asia, and be in
contention for eastern Africa. Their IPC count will be between 42 and 50 IPC’s.
If Japan has been buying almost entirely infantry, they can withdraw from the
provinces around Russia and form walls in Yakut and Sink. You will have 4 to 5
rounds of tech roles. Japan will have a few IPC’s left over to buy infantry at first. It
takes a tremendous amount of force to take Germany if the pull everything into
Germany. While the allies are putting the final attack on Germany, you have time.
With islands like Hawaii, Madagascar, New Zealand and Australia under your control,
it will take a while for the allies to get the IPC victory.

Hopefully, you will get Industrial tech before HB’s. That will allow you to field an
army and still buy a bomber a turn. Keep a very close track of the IPC’s needed to
stay in the game. You’ll be able to bomb USA and USSR to effectively take them out
of the game given enough time. Even if you have been forced far back. Again, Africa
is key. You must be sending a few men to Africa to hold off the IPC victory when
Germany falls. With the HB’s and perhaps Ind. Tech, you should be able to force
your way back to the provinces around Moscow. Once again preventing the IPC
defeat. With tech, the key is time. It doesn’t matter how badly things are going if
you can find a way to stall for just one more round.
HB’s allow you to threaten the enemy in so many ways (W. USA for example) that
opponents must waste resources dealing with the threat rather than finishing you
off. Also, like the USA example above, since you won’t be able to fill the transports
every turn use them for other purposes. Send send one down to harass Panama or
eventually Brazil. Plus you may need to take Alaska to hold off the IPC. (You’ll also
need to hold Hawaii as a base to industrially bomb USA if you do get HBs.)
All tech can be put to use. Sort of. Industrial tech is devastating. You can either beat
an opponent into submission or defend until you do get HB’s. Over the course of a
long game even Rockets aren’t bad. Only super subs are truly worthless.
Finally, against a top opponent remember this: It’s all about infantry and the value
of units traded. You can often attack and retreat to destroy enemy units because you
have the mathematical advantage. (Example: You should get 6 hits on the first role
and he should only get 3.)

It’s risky if you accidentally kill everything thus taking the
province... but hey, sometimes you’ve got to take risks. By doing this you’ll be able
to stall and eventually get tech if things haven’t gone your way.
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