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 Juno Rule Set

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PostSubject: Juno Rule Set   Juno Rule Set Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2011 6:54 am

The purpose of this database is to allow members to enjoy competitive
play of Axis & Allies using variations of the rules. (Iron Blitz
shall be treated as a variation of the rules)
This is an OPEN RULES db.
The minimum set-up rules are as follows:
The host of the game decides what variations of the rules will be used
and must list them in the game room. Any and all variations of the rules
are allowed, including Iron Blitz and scenarios. If a player does not
agree to the listed variations of the rules, he should not join the
- The host of the game must call for a bid for Axis.
Software Bugs and Open Rules Matches - Software bugs will be dealt with
as provided in the Rules and Regulations, unless, prior to the beginning
of the match; All players agree, by mutual consent, to use variations
of the rules regarding software bugs;
Special Posting Rule - At the
time they post the match, all players must include in their posting all
variations of the rules which will be used.
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Juno Rule Set
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