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 Operation Barbarossa Scenario (used in early Arena seasons)

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Operation Barbarossa Scenario (used in early Arena seasons) Empty
PostSubject: Operation Barbarossa Scenario (used in early Arena seasons)   Operation Barbarossa Scenario (used in early Arena seasons) Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2011 6:26 am

OPERATION BARBAROSSA: (created by Butch O'Hare)

1. Settings: 3rd edition with axis advantage, rr (Russia, no movement R-1), scorched earth, paratroopers, no new industry (by agreement)*, wolfpack, Asia Quest, IPC on 84/110, tech on, bid.

**Either side can rebuild a capital, otherwise, No New ICs. USA or Germany can build an IC in Germany for example.

2. Bid limits: No more than 1 unit may be placed in or removed from any territory or sea zone. Naval units must be placed in any friendly or unoccupied sea zone. Negative bid means Axis player can remove only ground units.

3. No attacking capitals round 1. USSR can't violate Japan peace treaty until round 3.

4. In addition to producing units equal to IPC value, there are the following IC limits:

Germany IC in Western Europe can produce subs only.
USA IC in China can produce inf only.
USA IC in Sinkiang can produce inf only.
All other additional ICs can produce anything.

5. Strat bombing can only be done against original Industrial Complexes (East and West USA, UK, Russia, Germany, Italy and Japan).

6. It takes 2 Movement Points to cross the long straight line that separates Labrador Sea from the North Sea, central Atlantic from Northeast Atlantic, etc. The extra MP to cross this line applies to air as well as boats.

7. Ground forces cannot cross the border between India and Sinkiang. Himalayas are impassable.

8. American infs in China, Sinkiang, Manchuria or Kwangtung are Chinese units. They can only attack or defend in China, Sinkiang, Manchuria, Kwangtung or Japan. They cannot leave from these five territories. They cannot help defend USSR, attack India or Burma, etc. USA air can attack with Chinese units. Any USA infs that are dropped into Kwang, Manchuria, Sink or China are considered Chinese infs and are governed by this rule. Chinese infs can load on USA trans to invade Japan.

9. UK restricted round 1. UK cannot attack Japan round 1. UK cannot move its naval pieces in the Pacific round 1. UK can move India air and ground units and the transport in Bay of Bengal round 1.

10. Victory conditions: IPC 84/110 or two capitals. Japan holding both India and Australia counts as holding UK's capital for 2 capital victory.

11. Default rule is full tech. If both players agree the game can be no tech, or 2 tech dice per country until HBs or IT then unlimited. This has to be agreed to before the bid.

12. What if Scenarios: For a change of pace players can pick among several optional "what if" scenarios before bidding similar to Kremlin rules. These scenarios represent the outcome of battles that happened between September 1939 and May 1941 that would affect the board set up at the beginning of the game.

What if Scenarios: These are things that happened before June 1941 that affected the situation at the beginning of the game. (These are OPTIONAL, by player agreement).


German Scenarios:

1. No Dunkirk. German panzers finish the job before the British can escape across the channel. Remove 3 inf and a tank from UK.

2. Italians victorious at Tobruk. Remove UK tank and inf from Egypt; add German inf in Libya.

3. Axis victory in the Mediterranean. Remove UK sub and add German trans in Central Med.

Japan Scenarios:

1. Mao wins Chinese Civil War! Chaing Kai Shek and Nationalist forces are defeated. Remove 2 USA infantry from China and 1 from Sink.

2. Manchurian campaign goes better. Add Japanese tank and inf to Manchuria.


USSR Scenarios:

1. No Stalin purges. Add 3 inf to Russia.

2. USSR wins Winter War with Finland. Remove 2 German inf from Norway and add a Soviet tank to Karelia

United Kingdom Scenarios:

1. No "Happy Time" for U-Boats. UK sonar and convoys are more effective earlier. Remove 1 Germ sub in NE Atl and add 1 UK trans in Lab.

2. UK fortifies South Africa. Add IC, aa gun, 2 inf to South Africa.

3. UK defeats Italians in Mediterranean campaign. Remove German sub and trans in Central Med.

United States Scenarios:

1. Happy Days are Here Again! New Deal more effective in reviving American economy. Add 2 tank and 2 inf to East USA.

2. Chinese Nationalists win Civil War. Add two inf to China and an inf to Sink.

UNIT PLACEMENT (Board setup)


Karelia: 2 tanks 8 infantry
Ukraine: 5 tanks 5 infantry
Caucasus: 2 inf IC
Russia: 2 tanks 4 infantry 2 fighters bomber IC aa gun
Evenki: 4 infantry
Yakut: 2 infantry
Black Sea: submarine transport


Norway: 3 inf
West Europe: 4 inf 2 jets bomber IC aa gun
Germany: tank 4 inf jet bomber IC aa gun
Southern Europe: 2 infantry IC aa gun
Eastern Europe: 8 tanks 10 inf jet
Algeria: empty
Libya: tank infantry jet
Syria: inf
Madagascar: empty
Baltic Sea trans sub
North East Atlantic: sub
Central Med trans sub
Gulf of Guinea: bb


England: tank 5 inf 2 fighters bomber IC aa gun
East Canada: tank IC
West Canada: inf IC
Egypt: tank inf
South Africa: inf
India: 2 inf fighter IC
Australia: 2 inf IC
New Zealand: inf
Solomons: empty
East Indies: empty
New Guinea: empty
Borneo: empty
South Central Atlantic: 2 bbs
Lab Sea: bb trans
North Sea: 2 bbs 2 trans
Java Sea: bb
SW Indian Ocean: trans
East Med: sub
Coral Sea: trans sub


Japan: tank 4 inf 3 fighters 2 bombers
Sea of Japan: bb CV with 2 fighters on board 2 trans
Manchuria: 3 inf fighter
Kwangtung: 2 inf
Carolines: 4 inf 2 transports
Okinawa: 5 inf 2 transports
South China Sea: 3 super submarines
East China Sea: bb trans


East USA: 4 inf fighter bomber IC aa gun
West USA: 2 inf IC aa gun
Wake: inf
Hawaii: inf fighter bomber
Philippines: 2 inf fighter bomber IC
Pearl Harbor: 2 bb
South Central Pacific: CV with 2 fighters on board
West USA sea zone: trans
East USA sea zone: trans
Phil Sea: submarine
China: 4 inf
Sinkiang: 2 inf
Alaska: inf

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Operation Barbarossa Scenario (used in early Arena seasons)
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