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 Africakorps Scenario

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PostSubject: Africakorps Scenario   Africakorps Scenario Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2011 6:19 am

Afrika Korps - (Juno scenario)

Intro: The war is raging in the east between Germany and Russia, and the Japanese are keeping the USA handcuffed for resources pursuing the war in the pacific. The Allies must quell the Nazi presence in Africa before they can move units into original Russian Territories. The Allies must also gain a grip in the Pacific Theater to be more able to push the war effort into the European Theater.

Setup: RR - 1HitBB - AAA - Paras - No New IC - IPC on - Full Tech On (NO wolfpack rules)
**NO Capitol attacks during first round**

Special Rules: 3 :quests must be undertaken to allow certain restrictions to be lifted.

** NEGATIVE BIDS for Axis will result in ALLIES placing units ON the board in the amount of the negative bid. (existing units may NOT be upgraded, only new units may be placed, and only ONE unit added per territory is permitted).

1. UK: they are not allowed to support or liberate original Russian territories until ALL of Africa is under Allied control for ONE complete ROUND.
2. USA: America must control 4 island groups (Wake, Carolines, Solomons, and New Guinea) before USA is allowed to support or liberate original Russian territories. This condition need only to be satisfied during any USA turn(does not need to be held for 1 complete round).
3. Japan: they must control 2 island groups (Midway and Hawaii) before they are allowed to invade Russian soil, unless Russia invades any original owned Japanese territory. This quest must be held for 1 complete ROUND.

** UK and USA are allowed to strat bomb Germany without violation of restrictions.
** Japan is NOT allowed to strat bomb Russia, until quest guidelines have been met.** Russia is allowed to attack Japan in any territory that is NOT originally owned by Japan, and are allowed to stage in any Allied owned territory freely. If Russia attacks any Japanese original territory, that action will nullify Japan's restrictions towards Russia.
** UK cannot stage on, or liberate any original Russian soil until Africa is under Allied control for 1 full turn.
** USA cannot stage on, or liberate any original Russian soil until they complete their Island Quest.
** Japan cannot attack any original Russian soil until they complete their Island Quest and hold it for 1 full turn.
** No Capitol attacks round 1.
** Allies can NOT liberate Original Russian soils from axis occupation until they have fulfilled their QUEST obligations.
** Japan is allowed to support Germany in occupation of Russian territories without completion of her island quest.

NOTE: Active AA is ON, so "flyovers" during Non-Combat is NOT allowed for nations who are under combat restrictions (ie: Russia & Japan).

UK and or USA are allowed to "flyover" Russian territories, but are NOT allowed to land on original Russian soil until they complete their quests.

Board setup: (extra units)

Russia : none

Germany : add 2 inf to WE and 1 transport in central Med.

UK : none

Japan : add 1 infantry on each quest island (Wake, Carolines, Solomons & New Guinea) + Carrier and transport off FIC + Ftr on Okinawa.

USA : add 2 infantry on each quest island (Midway, Hawaii) + Carrier and transport off Panama (pacific)+ Ftr on Midway + Sub NE Pacific (off West USA).
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Africakorps Scenario
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