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 PacWar Scenario

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PostSubject: PacWar Scenario   PacWar Scenario Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2011 6:13 am


Fixed Rule Set: RR - 2HitBB - Active AA - Axis Adv. - Scorched Earth - No New Factories - No Tech - IPC victory ON - Bid for Axis .. plus; Wolfpack and Asia Quest guidelines *
- US must place at least ONE naval unit in the pacific on each turn (for as long as they are capable of doing so)
- Neither the US nor Japan may leave the pacific theater (with ONE exception: if the US is no longer capable of placing a naval unit in the pacific, Japan will have the freedom to go wherever they choose).. this can occur if/when the Western US factory is destroyed).
** the Pacific Theater is defined as Africa's east coast (not rounding South Africa) to the west coasts of North and South America (not rounding Argentina).
** Wolfpack rule = No lone sub (or group of subs) may be attacked by air units only, the attack MUST include a naval unit. If a sub is in a group with other types of ships, then this rule would not apply.
** Asia Quest = Axis powers must control for ONE full ROUND, 4 Asian provinces; Sink + China + India + Persia before Japan is allowed to attack any original Russian territory, (and the axis must also still have control of Japan's original 3 Asian provinces; Manchuria, Kwang, and FIC).
OR !!
If Russia is the aggressor against ANY Japanese controlled territory or unit before the
Asia quest has been completed, then Japan is allowed to invade mother Russia.

Russian units are allowed to help defend any of the "quest" territories (meaning they can stage units in allied controlled Asian provinces, but NOT attack), and Japan is allowed to attack those defending Russian units as long as they are NOT on original Russian soil. Russian units ARE allowed to attack Japanese units IF they are defending German owned territories, just as Japan is allowed to assault Russian units defending Allied owned territories. (This also means that Japan CANNOT Strat Bomb Moscow factories as long as the Asia quest guidelines have not been met).

Allied air corps are allowed to utilize Russian territories without fear of attacks from Japan while the "quest" is still in progress.
** All other Club rules also apply... ie: canals, AA movement upon capture, transport loading, etc.

Board setup:
- ALL island units are DOUBLED! (including England and Japan) this includes ALL pcs. on ALL islands, except for the AA guns and factories. If an island does not have a unit on it, then place ONE infantry on it.. ie: West Indies (US), Madagascar (UK), New Zealand (UK).
Extra Units Added:
Russia - None
Germany - 1 sub (North Central Atlantic)
UK - None
Japan - 1 carrier, 1 ftr, 1 sub (Sea of Japan) + 1 sub (Philippines)
US - 1 carrier, 1 ftr, 1 sub, 1 tranny (Midway sea space) + 1 BB (Hawaii sea space)

Bids CANNOT be used to upgrade unit(s) already on the board.
In case of a negative bid, the Allies will place unit(s) ON the board (because Japan has too many island units to remove at little or no penalty to the axis), and this will also help keep the negative bids at a minimum number.
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PacWar Scenario
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