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  Battle of Britain

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PostSubject: Battle of Britain    	Battle of Britain  Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2011 6:10 am

BATTLE OF BRITAIN - (Juno scenario)

Rule set: RR - 2HitBB - Active AA + Wolfpack + AFRICA Quest (Bid for Axis) 4 MIN TIMER!

Special Rules: Russia and Germany are NOT allowed to attack each others original territories until TWO conditions are met:

1. Africa Quest - All of mainland Africa (excluding Madagascar & Neutrals) is under complete control by either the AXIS or ALLIES.

2. If either is attacked by the other AFTER the Africa Quest has been satisfied.

*** The 2nd condition means that even though the Axis has control of all of mainland Africa, Russia would NOT be allowed to attack original German territories unless Germany first attacks original Russian territories (it is the option of the successor of the quest to initiate combat, but NOT REQUIRED). Once the quest has been satisfied, they may assault when ready (even if they lose control of Africa later on)... Russia would NOT have the option to attack Germany until the ALLIES have won total control of Africa to complete their Quest requirements).

** However, the Navies for both Russia and Germany may engage anywhere at any time without breaching the "Non Aggression Pact".

** The UK and US are NOT allowed to place or move units through (including air space) anywhere on original Russian soil until AFTER the Africa Quest has been satisfied by AXIS. IF the Axis NEVER completes the Africa Quest, then the only time the UK or USA would be allowed on Russian soil would be to liberate it!

** Russia is NOT allowed to place or move units through (including air space) any original UK or US territory until they (Russia) have been ATTACKED by GERMANY on their "home soil"!, or they have LIBERATED the territory from axis control.

** LIMITED TECH: Only ONE die roll is allowed for each side per turn Beginning ON turn FIVE. Meaning: Allies (USSR,UK,US) will get to roll ONE, and Axis (GER,JAP) will get to roll ONE die each turn beginning on TURN FIVE. So you must choose which nation will roll each turn (if any at all).

Heavy Bombers: Only ONE bomber is allowed Strat Raid per nation for loss of income. (so if you have 3 HB's on the board, only ONE can raid for income loss, the others must be used elsewhere). You can't even send one to Germany and another to Japan... only ONE may be used as a raider.[NOTE: this restriction ONLY applies to Heavy Bombers, not conventional bombers.]

** Turn the Newspaper ON so you know what turn it is for the Tech issue.

Extra Units Added:
Russia - None
Germany - All units in Africa are doubled (+ 2 inf + 1 tank)
*All units in Germany (Berlin) are doubled (+ 4 inf + 2 tank + 1 Ftr + 1 Bomber)
* All units in Western Europe are doubled (+ 2 inf + 2 tank + 1 ftr)
* Add: Ftr in Libya, BB in Baltic Sea, BB + Tranny off Algeria, Sub in N.Cent.Atlantic, Aircraft Carrier + Ftr in Cent.Med.
UK - All Infantry in Africa are tripled (+ 4 inf)
* All units in England are doubled (+ 2 inf + 1 tank + 2 Ftrs + 1 Bomber)
* Add: Tank + Ftr + AA gun in Egypt, BB + Trans in N.Sea, BB + AC in SW Atlantic (off Argentina), Aircraft Carrier + 2 Ftrs + Trans + Sub in Lab. Sea , Tank + AA gun in S.Africa, 1 inf in Syria.
Japan - None
US - None

Others: Tech: Once Heavy Bombers has been attained by a nation, then EACH NATION will be allowed to roll 2 development dice each turn there after.
Neutrals: They are available for purchase on Turn THREE (not before), and ALL nations will have access to them (ie: no restrictions for occupation).

Rules elaboration:
* Africa Quest DOES NOT need to be held for one full ROUND, it only needs to be satisfied during any nation�s TURN.
* Russia/UK-US restriction: Russia IS allowed to "LIBERATE" any UK or US original territory, and then they have the freedom of "staging" units in THAT area from then on, and the same is true for UK or US liberating original Russian soil from axis control.

** As far as the tech issue goes, the restrictions placed on Heavy Bombers for strat raids will not make them as devastating in this scenario. Once heavies are attained, then EACH nation will get to roll 2 dice each turn = 6 dice for Allies and 4 dice for Axis. I did not intend for this to turn into a luck of the roll for tech scenario. It just is meant to add some "flavor" to the mix.

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Battle of Britain
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