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 WarZone Sold

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PostSubject: WarZone Sold   WarZone Sold Icon_minitimeSun May 29, 2011 8:46 pm


_Plotinus said:

I have a verbal agreement to sell the WarZone to a party who wishes to remain anonymous for now.

I'm not at liberty to reveal the selling price, but its certainly not enough for me to retire, and less than I know an AA club website to have sold for before.

Of course, until I have an actual check in my hand, the buyer could always back out.

I got a new computer in January of this year, and I never installed A&A on it. I haven't played a single game in any WZ lobby since last year.

Total donations for May are 4 people who donated a combined $55, leaving me to pay $95 for May out of my pocket for the WZ server rent, when I no longer even use the only benefit I ever got out of the WZ--playing on it.

If you're not one of those 4 people, and you have any problem with me selling the WZ, then I don't care--you could have donated and chose not to, and I'm done paying for you to play. If you are one of those 4 people and have any questions or concerns, PM me and I'll answer privately as best I can.

I offered to just turn the WZ over to AAWC for free, if AAWC would just take over paying the server rent to GoDaddy or arrange to run the WZ on another server. AAWC expressed some interest in running it on a server other than Godaddy, but never got specific with "Ok, we have a server up, transfer the WZ over to it," and in the meantime I've paid $100 out of my pocket month after month.

This deal may or may not go through--I learned a long time ago that no deal is final until the check clears.

I don't know what the new owner's intentions with the WZ will be if it does go through. I doubt most people will notice any change at all, but that's a guess on my part.

I have a family and a wife who just got accepted into nursing school, who has to buy $1200 in text books in addition to tuition for her first semester. I can't take $100/month away from those obligations every month for a game I no longer play.

I'm not interested in hearing, "But if you just put in ads," or "If you just did this". Maybe the new owner will do those things or want to hear them, I don't know or really care. But to everyone who said those things here, I offered to put the WZ billing in your name months ago and let you pursue the ad, etc., plans--noone stepped up and said, "Ok, let's do it."

I'm going to try to get Aqrit's changes merged into the Starter Pack this weekend, and release it. Then, if the sell of the WZ goes through, I'll be retiring from the community. I'm not going to say I'll never come back, or that I won't at least check in on the forums for time to time--but I don't expect I'll ever come back.

The prospective buyer has improvements he'd like to make to the WZ that would benefit all of the lobbies, and I'm sure he'll be ameniable to working with AAWC as I have been.

By saying he hasn't ever played A&A to my knowledge, I just meant to reassure everyone its not a power-play by someone banned by AAWC or something like that, since there seemed to be some concern about that. He's a nice guy that seems well respected by his home lobby.

This should work out well for all the lobbies, including A&A, as I haven't had time to make any improvements to the WZ for years, or even to be very involved with it.
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WarZone Sold
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