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 AxisAllies Player's League - How it works

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AxisAllies Player's League - How it works Empty
PostSubject: AxisAllies Player's League - How it works   AxisAllies Player's League - How it works Icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 3:18 pm

AAplayer's League

AAPL is for tournaments and for players who want to keep track of their stats.   A personal database will be set up for every player that requests one.   Your database can be visible or invisible to other players.  Its your choice.
I use Google spreadsheets for databases.  They have a  published form for each spreadsheet.  You  use that form to post your games.
That form is private to  you.   Additionally you can request additional stats to be kept and added to the form.

If you play on GameRanger, please sign up with your GR name or a fun name for fun games.
Please sign up only once. I can change your name upon request.

Personal scoresheets and forms will be provided upon request.

Stats showing rules, other players, bids,  wins  and other info will be kept for the player.
For Tournament or League play, it will be recorded on the League Scoresheet.
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AxisAllies Player's League - How it works
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